Our vision

Each one of our customers is unique and deserves the time we dedicate to them.

Our role is to ensure that as an independent consultancy, we safeguard our freedom of choice and always find the solution adapted for your needs.

Our mission

To put our expertise at your service to better meet your expectations.

Our objective is to prove every single day that our added value is to be here, when you really need us.

Our values

To fulfill our commitments, to remain loyal to our partners and honest with our suppliers…

Never to forget that if we are here it’s thanks to YOU!

Catherine Gaisenband

Catherine Gaisenband

20 years in FBO Management, commercial skills, multicultural approach with strong African network.

Always looking for new challenges.

– Catherine Gaisenband –

The Partners

Apart from being recognised as aviation professionals with over 25 years of experience, we have a real affinity which has grown with the years. TRUST and CONFIDENCE are key to our established relationship.

– Catherine Gaisenband –


José María Espinosa, Partner

Extensive knowledge of the international aircraft sales market with more than 150 aircraft sold throughout his career, aircraft management, cost analysis.

“With over 20 years of fruitful cooperation to satisfy our customers, most of them owners of private aircraft, José has always been present.”

Josh Amara

Josh Amara, Associate

Nigerian, educated at the Kiev International University of Civil Aviation; airworthiness, quality and safety expert with vast experience in regulatory requirements/compliance.

“When you think that you are facing a “brick wall”, that Africa is not as easy as you thought…, then, Josh arrives and tells you : “Don’t worry My Lady” and suddenly the wall is reduced to a little stone in your way…”


Umberto Vallino, Associate

Amazing experience in the field (Ops, handling, commercial development, statistics), impressive international address book and a real concern for the customer’s satisfaction.

“Enthusiastic, passionate for Business Aviation, Great photographer and incredibly generous, Umberto has the capacity to make you believe that everything is possible.”